"You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me."

- C.S Lewis

Good old Tea.

If you believed the highstreet, you'd be forgiven for thinking that coffee was the drink of the nation. Numerous coffee houses are dotted around town centres, but the fact is over twice as many cups of tea are consumed daily in the UK1.

Teapal is an innovative product that brings the loose tea to the masses. Put down your plain old tea bags and venture in to the world of Oolong, Green and Chai teas.

Encased in a simple user-friendly design, Teapal allows you to enjoy loose tea on a daily basis, without any of the fuss or mess when brewed the traditional way.


Time is Precious.

Use it wisely. Different leaves require varying brewing times in order to release their aromas. Over, or under, brewing a leaf can result in a bitter, astringent or weak tasting beverage.

Teapal allows you to set your time exactly as you require. 4 minutes isn't quite enough, but five is too many? Simply adjust as required, the numbers are merely guides.

Included with your Teapal is a guide book which explains the subtle differences between leaves and the history of tea, however we recommend you reference directly from your pack for timings.

Hot and Bothered.

We are, are you? Just as time affects taste, so does heat. Some leaves and blends are far more delicate than others, and pouring boiling, or over-heated, water on them can ruin the flavour profile.

Performing this task is impossible with a kettle, and laborious on the stove. Teapal aims, as with everything else, to make the process as simple and pain free as possible.

Just as with time, adjust the dial to the recommended setting for your blend and you're on your way to a great tasting cup of tea without any of the hassle.

It's a Knock-Out.

Loose tea is undoubtably more hassle than a teabag, but we don't want you to miss out on taste for convenience.

The 'caddy' system used within Teapal substitutes a bag; you fill it with your desired blend, pop it in the machine, and when your beverage is produced simply knock out the waste and rinse through.

Don't forget: Some leaves can be used several times! Teabags tend to get thrown away, pick the right leaf and you can re-brew it up to five times.

Under the Bonnet.

Bye Bye, Kettle. Teapal uses Thermoblock technology to rapidly heat water to your exacting specification. Water can reach boiling in under 20 seconds, and lower temperatures in even less.

Upon heating, water is transferred to an insulated brewing chamber, whereby it is pumped through the caddy to infuse the water. Medical grade mesh filters prevent particles or sediment entering your beverage.

Simply press the multi-function power button and the drink is dispensed - as easy as that.

Where to Buy.

Unfortunately Teapal is currently unavailable to buy as it is still in development. Over the past year the product has been developed with feedback gathered from the general public and tea lovers alike.

The product is an on-going project as part of an Industrial Design Degree at Bournemouth University being undertaken by Adam Hopkins. If you would like to get in touch with Adam please click here.